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An Introduction to High Point Craps

Casino gaming industry has been growing over the years. While Las Vegas and Atlantic City have become the prime hubs for casino games, online casinos have also seen their own development. This kind of advancement has given rise to different variations of each of the casino games.

Roulette, keno and Craps have been made into a number of versions that are enjoyed by everyone. Many variations of craps have been come up with including, simplified craps, crapless craps, high point craps and others. These craps are designed to suit the requirements of different kinds of players. High point craps is a game in which the first throw differs from that in other kinds of craps.

Rolls of 2 and 3 are ignored in this game. The shooter should keep rolling until he gets a different value on the dice. If the shooter rolls an 11 or a 12, automatically a win is declared.

If the shooter rolls a total number other than any of the numbers mentioned here, then that number is considered to be the point in the high point craps game. If the shooter has to win, then he has to roll a total number that is higher than the point that is already established. In case of this variation of craps, the house edge is 2. 35%.